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AFRICAN CHROME FIELDS (ACF) mines and processes alluvial chromite ore for the special alloy and stainless steel industries, with a unique beneficiation capacity that is able to process high-grade chrome into high-quality, value-adding ferroalloys.

With hundreds of alluvial chrome mining concessions across Zimbabwe’s Great Dyke region, the company is steering the country towards achieving a bright economic future through tapping into its rich mineral resources and driving sustainable development.

Since ACF entered the chromium extraction business in 2014, its output has steadily risen, and the company now produces in excess of 20,000 tonnes of chromite per month. ACF enjoys a strong reputation and has injected hundreds of millions of US dollars into the country’s economy since its inception.

As the second largest chrome ore reserve in the world, Zimbabwe is home to some 19% of global chrome ore reserves. Additionally, the country’s chrome ore resources are of a higher grade than in other parts of the world, with an exceptional chrome to iron ratio of 2:1.

These alluvial chromite deposits are the work of thousands of years of temperature changes and weathering, with streams and rivers distributing their rich residue to result in the abundance found today. ACF’s mining operations therefore consist of mainly shallow surface mining not exceeding three metres deep. Only a small portion of soil is cleared to expose the chrome deposits, and this soil is returned as soon as possible after minerals are extracted.

The company is unwaveringly dedicated to responsible exploration, precise extraction and efficient enrichment in delivering high-grade chromite. This means returning the mined environment to a pristine state, and ensuring sustainable, broad-based wealth creation through its operations.

As part of the government’s commitment to economic growth, there is a movement towards the local beneficiation of particular materials designated as important, chrome being one of them.

ACF plans to continue the growth of its operations.

The company currently employs over 680 individuals at the labour, professional and managerial levels, and supplies ongoing training to facilitate skills transfers. Additionally, most of its wash plants offer housing and meals, as well as medical facilities and doctors at on-site clinics. ACF is further providing a new school with an administrative facility and modern computer lab close to the mine to accommodate more than 250 learners in the Sebakwe area.