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African hero

desire to help African economies grow out of poverty

AFRICAN HERO is a socio-economic development initiative created and executed by Zotex Holdings (Pty) Ltd. Zotex belongs to the Moti Group, a superset of companies, based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

We at Zotex have a desire for change. It is through that desire and with a specific purpose in mind, that the African Hero Initiative was born; to implement that change. We provide effective solutions for day-to-day challenges.

As an African business, we have a desire to help African economies grow out of poverty, through enterprise. Our initiative aims to empower local governments, through increasing their access to healthcare and education infrastructure, by providing communities with specially designed day clinics and schools.

Our affordable but invaluable solutions are smart, simple and streamlined. We have the capacity to deploy 5 clinics and 1 school every month. We implement our solutions faster than any other potential contender despite any location, logistic or sourcing challenges. More importantly our low costs are the biggest advantage to our success.

While understanding the NEEDS of the countries we serve, we endeavour to provide only the best services to our fellow Africans for the purpose of building Africa and its people. While our services are predominantly aimed at elevating challenged rural areas, we are equally capable of installing our solutions in urban areas.