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Futur Exotics emporium

a lifestyle enhancer

The FUTUREXOTICS EMPORIUM is a custom-built lifestyle venue, featuring the world’s finest in exotic vehicles, and aviation – a lifestyle enhancer that includes not only high-class products but also financing.

The FuturExotics Lifestyle Emporium offers style, convenience and quality all encapsulated in a world class emporium that will meet your need for luxury.

Visit https://www.futurexotics.com/

Vehicles are procured and upgraded through various strategic partnerships with overseas suppliers and local tuners. Strategic partnerships with automotive manufacturers and overseas tuners such as Novitec, Liberty Walk, Mansory, Onyx, Brabus and more provide us with unique opportunity to procure and build such vehicles.

FuturExotics has its own unique financing and insurance options tailor made for our clientele, allowing clients with any budget to purchase their dream car and be insured while on the road.

If your interests are more in the skies than on the road, FuturExotics offers aviation related services. Whether you are looking for a charter or to purchase your own aircraft, we can assist.

Perhaps a memorable experience is more to your taste. FuturExotics has its own restaurant situated on the rooftop of the high end luxury facility providing spectacular views of the Sandton skyline while providing opulence throughout your dining experience.