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Redefining the platinum industry

KILKEN PLATINUM is a South African platinum group metal (PGM) treatment business. The Moti Group is a majority partner in the Kilken Imbani Joint Venture (KIJV) with Imbani Minerals, operating a platinum tailings retreatment processing plant adjacent to the world-class Amandelbult mine near Thabazimbi in the Limpopo province. This plant is operated in association with Rustenburg Platinum Mines (RPM), a subsidiary of Anglo American Platinum.

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Utilising tried-and-tested modern flotation technology, the Kilken plant extracts high-quality, impurity-free products from live tailings, recovering valuable minerals from the waste produced by Amendelbult’s mining operations. By recycling this waste, the Kilken plant practices “green mining”, creating more sustainable by-products and reducing the amount of storage space needed for leftover tailings, with positive implications for the environment.

Some 98% of the minerals extracted are platinum, palladium and rhodium, which are critical to the creation of a range of electronic products such as vehicular catalytic converters, cellphones, televisions and computers.

Kilken prides itself on its impeccable standards and outstanding health and safety record, with no significant incidences recorded since signing its life-of-mine agreement with RPM in November 2004. Additionally, plant operations are carried out in strict compliance with all relevant regulations, with low environmental impact.