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Moti Cares

South Africans giving a hand-up to other fellow South Africans

The Moti Cares Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Moti Group, launched with the vision of South Africans giving a hand-up to other fellow South Africans, no matter their race or creed.

The foundation is dedicated to providing care and solace to those in need, working to implement long-term, sustainable community development programmes in underprivileged communities, as well as to offer immediate disaster relief and assistance to crisis-stricken households.

Moti Cares has been involved in numerous heart-warming projects across the country, such as supporting animal welfare groups and orphanages, to feeding the hungry by delivering two million meals to desperate families in the wake of the KwaZulu Natal riots.

Through its various education, health and nutrition programmes, the foundation seeks to leave a positive and lasting legacy in the communities it serves, sharing the message that all lives are worthy, and providing much-needed hope for a brighter future.