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PULSERATE INVESTMENTS is a lithium mining company with a rich mineral resource base in Zimbabwe. The company currently owns some 84 Lithium claims covering nearly 10,000 hectares in the Mashonaland East province where it is performing extensive exploration studies, and is also in the process of establishing and commissioning mining operations, including supporting infrastructure.

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The lithium production industry is one of the most exciting and fast-growing industries globally, as lithium batteries have been identified as a potential cornerstone of off-grid, renewable energy. Used in the production of electric and hybrid motor vehicles, lithium batteries have seen rapidly increasing demand in recent years – especially with many countries setting targets for phasing out fossil-fuel dependant internal combustion vehicles.

The fourth industrial revolution will see the demand for mobile devices with internal power storage grow exponentially, with additional positive implications for lithium battery reliance. However, the chemical and physical properties of this unique commodity mean that it is also suitable for use in creating glass and glass ceramics, automotive parts, greases, metallurgy, polymer and air treatment.

Home to multiple lithium-rich pegmatite belts, lithium mining and production therefore represents a rich economic opportunity for driving job creation and sustainable development in remote regions of Zimbabwe.